Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hex code for a cream color?

I want to do a matte effect in photoshop and I need a cream color for the background, can someone help me out?Hex code for a cream color?鈥?/a>

wdwHex code for a cream color?

RGB Values:

Red 253

Green 232

Blue 202
FFFF99 or FFFFCC. One of these should give you the cream color you are seeking.
I think these are really nice cream colors...

Very light:






Here is a great site for mixing upcustom colors and then getting their hex codes:

Also, if you ever see the color you want somewhere else online, you can grab its hex color using a small utility like this one:
Try #F4F1DF, #F9F6E8 or #FFFBE6.

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